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Basics Brand Strategy

Branding your business can be overwhelming, we’ve all been there.

Where to begin? How to begin?

In this post, I want to eliminate the branding overwhelm for you.

The best way to approach branding your business is to think of it as a progressive journey. What you start with will progress and evolve as your business grows over time.

Avoid delaying your launch because “it’s not perfect yet”. Branding isn’t a one-time project.

Just like building a house, you need to lay a solid foundation.

Follow the steps listed in the pyramid below, one by one to strategically lay out the foundations of your branding.

Keep in mind that your brand should be able to adapt to the different stages of growth it will go through as it evolves.

7 key steps to follow when creating your brand strategy

  1. Why

    Why are you in business?
    What are your values and beliefs?

  2. Value proposition

    what do you offer?

  3. The unique point of view

    what makes you unique?
    Why should people invest in you instead of your competitors?

  4. Target audience

    who is it for?
    Define your target audience, niche, competitors, and community.

  5. Positioning

    How do you describe your products or services? Define the tone and voice you use to connect with your audience. How do you describe your products or services?Define the tone and voice you use to connect with your audience.
    Visual identity What does it look like?

    – Logo
    – Colour scheme
    – Typography
    – Style guide / mood board
    – Marketing materials and assets including photography, business cards, graphics, branded documents and templates, email address, hosting, and domain.

  6. Messaging
    What does it feel like? Your messaging should consist of your value proposition, tagline, elevator pitch, an understanding of your ideal client, and stories that resonate with your audience. This all should be presented in a simple and clear format that is relatable and interesting.

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